Fireworks in Parker

Celebrating our nation’s independence is a great time to enjoy family, friends and fireworks. The information below will help you plan your 4th of July holiday.

What kinds of fireworks are allowed in Parker?

Effective June 7, 2018, the Town of Parker is under a Stage One Fire Ban. Under a Stage One Fire Ban, the use of personal fireworks is not allowed.

Does Parker have a professional fireworks show for the community?

The Town of Parker hosts the annual Parker Stars and Stripes Celebration on July 4, which includes food vendors, family activities, live music and a fantastic fireworks show. Professional fireworks shows are still allowed under a Stage One Fire Ban, so please join us for an evening of fun!

What is and isn't allowed under a Stage One Fire Ban?

In an effort to limit the possibility of a wildfire, the Town of Parker’s Office of Emergency Management has followed the Douglas County Office of Emergency Management by issuing a Stage One Fire Ban until further notice.

Prohibited Activities:

  • Open burning of any kind.
  • Use of Fireworks

Allowable Activities:

  • Fires for which a permit has been obtained from the South Metro Fire Rescue Authority.
  • Fires contained within liquid-fueled or gas-fueled stoves, grills, fire pits or other gas- or liquid-fueled appliances.
  • Fires contained within fireplaces and wood-burning stoves within buildings only.
  • Open fires or open burning by any federal, state or local officer, or member of the South Metro Fire Rescue Authority in the performance of an official duty.
  • Professional fireworks displays.
  • At developed picnic sites contained in a fixed permanent metal/steel fire pit (rock fire rings are considered temporary and not permanent) with flame lengths not in excess of four (4) feet, or the residential use of charcoal grills, tiki torches, fires in chimineas or other portable fireplaces or patio fire pits, so long as said fires are supervised by a responsible party at least eighteen (18) years of age.

It is important to know that the ordinance does not ban the sale of fireworks, only their use. Fireworks stands have been provided with signs informing their customers of the ban. According to Municipal Code 6.06.060, these signs must be prominently displayed at each point of sale.

How is the need for a Fire Ban determined?

The Town has received a lot of inquiries about the Town of Parker fire ban and how the stages are determined. The Douglas County Office of Emergency Management uses a fire restriction criteria worksheet to analyze fire conditions and determine fire ban staging. This is the same worksheet used by our Federal partners in this area, such as the US Forest Service. In an effort to limit the possibility of a wildfire, the Town of Parker’s Office of Emergency Management follows the Douglas County Office of Emergency Management’s lead on enacting fire bans. The fire restriction evaluation guidelines that are considered in the decision to implement a fire ban include factors such as fuel moisture content, fire danger ratings, occurrences of human-caused fires, existence of adverse fire weather conditions, and more. Fire bans are enacted in the interest of safety with the goal of helping to protect our community from potential wildfires.

Why are fireworks sales allowed in Parker when we are under a Stage One Fire Ban?

Prior to the current Stage One Fire Ban going into effect, the Town had already approved permits for several fireworks vendors. The Town's code does not currently allow for the revocation of permits, unless they are issued in error, the permit information provided was incorrect, or a violation of Town ordinances has occurred. Although the currently approved vendors will be allowed to sell fireworks, they are also required to post signage alerting customers that use of fireworks within the Town of Parker is not allowed under the current Fire Ban.

How much sales tax revenue does the Town make on fireworks sales?

The Town does not make a significant amount of revenue on fireworks sales. The amount of sales tax collected on fireworks sold in Parker for the past three years is included below:

2015:      $2,279.60
2016: $4,156.53
2017: $1,607.23

How can I report illegal use of fireworks?

To report the illegal use of fireworks in the Town of Parker, please contact the Parker Police Department at 303.841.9800. If it is a life threatening emergency, use 9-1-1. Officers will be dispatched to active reports of fireworks as other police calls for service allow. The Parker Police Department and South Metro Fire Rescue take the illegal use of fireworks during the current fire restrictions very seriously, although staffing and call volumes do not always allow for a response to every complaint.