Municipal Court

Jury Trial Scheduled for Sept. 14

A jury trial has been scheduled to begin on Friday, Sept. 14 at Parker Town Hall (20120 E. Mainstreet). If you have received a jury summons, please check back at this page as the date approaches for updates on the trial’s status. For additional information, please contact the Town of Parker Municipal Court at 303.805.3101.

About Parker Municipal Court

The Parker Municipal Court processes Town of Parker and Town of Foxfield misdemeanor and traffic offenses. The Court also handles community service.

Parker & Foxfield Summons Information

The Parker Municipal Court hears both Parker and Foxfield summons. Parker misdemeanor and non-electronic traffic summons are yellow and Foxfield summons are pink. Both Parker and Foxfield penalty assessment summons may be paid online.

Attorneys appearing in the court may fax their entry to 303.805.3126 or you may email your entry to If you received a blue or green summons, you will need to contact Douglas County Court at 720.437.6200.

State of Colorado Model Traffic Code

View the State of Colorado Model Traffic Code.