Capital Improvement Project Update - Winter 2018

Roadway Capital Improvement Projects


Chambers Road Widening

(Work consists of widening Chambers Road between Hess Road and Mainstreet)
 The roadway widening project and the median landscaping project have been completed.  More information on this project can be found at

Cottonwood Drive Widening

(Work consists of widening Cottonwood Drive between Jordan Road and Cottonwood Way intersections)
Design work has commenced and it is anticipated that the design will be completed by early-2018.  Due to budget constraints, the funding for the widening construction is not anticipated to be available until 2019. Construction is currently anticipated for 2019 pending approval of the 2019 budget in late 2018.

Summerset Lane Extension Project

(Work consists of extending Summerset Lane east of Pine Drive)
 Construction is complete and the Town is working to close out the contract on this project.  More information on this project can be found at

Jordan Road Widening

(Work consists of widening Jordan Road from Hess Road to Bradbury Parkway)
Roadway widening construction on the project commenced in late-June and is anticipated to be completed in the first half of 2018.  Initial work on the retaining walls and storm drainage infrastructure on the project are underway.  Median landscaping is anticipated to be completed in 2018 pending approval of the 2018 budget by Town Council. More information on this project can be found at

J. Morgan Boulevard Roadway Reconstruction

(Work consists of reconstructing J. Morgan Boulevard between Cody Avenue and Parker Road)
 Please see the "Annual Maintenance Project" section below for the update information.

Motsenbocker Road Widening

(Work consists of widening Motsenbocker Road from the Clarke Farms subdivision to the Todd Drive intersection)
Final design for this widening project commenced in August 2017.  Funding for the construction of this project is dependent on adjacent development providing their portion of the project funding per their respective development agreement.  The construction timetable has not been established at this time due to this variable but it is currently anticipated that construction may potentially commence in 2018.

Kings Point Way

(Work consists of construction of Kings Point Way between Cottonwood Drive and proposed Aurora Parkway)
Town staff has engaged a consultant to complete the design of the project.  Kings Point Way is a proposed collector roadway on the east side of Parker Road (State Highway 83) between Cottonwood Way and proposed Aurora Parkway.  Construction is anticipated for 2018.

Annual Maintenance Projects

Townwide Concrete Repair – 2017

(Work consists of miscellaneous sidewalk, concrete pavement and curb & gutter repairs throughout the Town)
The project is complete.

Roadway Reconstruction – 2017

(Work consists of street repairs to various locations in the Town of Parker)
The 2017 reconstruction project included J Morgan Boulevard between Parker Road to near Cody Avenue plus a Town parking lot at the Town Hall campus.  The J Morgan Boulevard reconstruction removed the 30+ year old concrete pavement and replace it with an asphalt/aggregate base course pavement section.  Reconstruction of J. Morgan Boulevard portion of the project is complete. Reconstruction and reconfiguration of the old Town Hall parking lot pavement is complete as is the landscaping restoration.

Roadway Resurfacing – 2017

(Work consists of thin overlays, chip seal and slurry seal (pavement preservation) work in various locations in the Town of Parker)
 The project is complete.

Storm Water Capital Improvement Projects


Newlin Gulch at Heirloom Parkway

(Work consists of channel and bank stabilization between Chambers Road and the East/West trail crossing)
This project is currently in design with permitting and construction projected in the first quarter of 2018.

Cherry Creek at Hess Road

(Work consists of channel and bank stabilization between Hess Road and McCabe Meadows Trailhead Parking lot)
This project is a partial reconstruction of the previous capital improvement project to repair storm damage that occurred in the reach after construction of the original project. The repair is anticipated to be complete in February 2018 weather dependent.

Cherry Creek at KOA

(Work consists of channel and bank stabilization between McCabe Meadows Trailhead Parking lot and Twenty Mile Road extended)
This project is currently in design with permitting and construction projected in the fourth quarter of 2018.

McCabe Meadows Detention Pond Retrofit

(Work consists of existing detention pond retrofit to current Parker criteria and standards)
This project is currently in design with permitting and construction projected in the first quarter of 2018.

Facility Capital Improvement Projects


Parker Schoolhouse Annex Renovation Project

(Project consists of remodeling the existing non-historic annex interior space including a concession, box office, and office addition; restroom upgrades; fire alarm upgrades and misc. interior upgrades)
 The project is currently under construction with completion scheduled for February 2018.

Parker Fieldhouse Renovation Project

(Project consists of converting the existing indoor playground area to classrooms and adding office space)
The project is substantially complete and is currently occupied.

Parker Schoolhouse Historical Restoration Project

(Project consists of restoration of the 100-year old historical portion of the Schoolhouse building)
Phase 3 work consists of the exterior and upstairs restoration work is substantially complete. The historic portion of the Schoolhouse will remain closed until the Schoolhouse Annex renovation project is completed due to fire code considerations. Partial funding for the historical restoration work is from the Colorado State Historical Fund via a grant that was approved by Town Council.

Parker Schoolhouse Plaza and Parking Lot Project

(Project consists of renovating the parking lot area between the Schoolhouse and Ruth Chapel into an interactive plaza and reconfiguring and reconstructing the south parking lot)
The project is currently in the design phase with construction scheduled to begin in spring/summer 2018.

Recreation Improvements


East-West Trail – Phase III

(Project consists of constructing a multi-use recreational concrete trail between Motsenbocker Road to the Cherry Creek Trail within and adjacent to the PSCo/Xcel powerline corridor.)
The project is substantially complete.

Discovery Park (formerly "The Plaza on Main")

(Project includes the design and construction of a public park and plaza located at the NE corner of E. Mainstreet and PACE Center Drive)
The project is substantially complete and is currently occupied.  

Dog/Disc Golf Park

(Project consists of constructing a combination dog park and disk golf park on Pine Lane west of Cherry Creek).
The project is complete.

Sulphur Gulch Trail Crossing Realignment

(Project consists of relocating the Sulphur Gulch trail crossing of Pikes Peak Drive to the south).
This concrete portion of the project substantially completed in July.  Irrigation improvements for the project commenced in the fall with landscaping anticipated for spring 2018. 

Salisbury Park Connection Trail

(Project consists of a concrete trail to connect the Salisbury Park ball field area with the Cherry Creek trail).
The design for this project is complete.  The Town recently received approval for the design from the US Fish & Wildlife Service due to impacts to the Preble’s jumping mouse habitat. Competitive bidding of the project is complete and construction is anticipated for the spring of 2018.

Harvie Open Space Access Project

(Project consists of adding a left turn lane to eastbound Mainstreet at Canterberry Parkway and associated traffic signal modifications)
Design for the project is anticipated to commence in January with construction tentatively scheduled for the summer of 2018.

Harvie Open Space Park Project

(Project consists of redeveloping the 70+ acres north of Canterberry Parkway and E. Mainstreet into a passive open space use area)
The project is currently in the design phase with construction scheduled to begin in spring 2019.

For further information on any of these listed projects, please contact the Department of Engineering at 303.840.9546.